How to Use SHAREit on PC

Learn how to seamlessly transfer files between your devices using SHAREit. Whether you're using Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, this guide will help you connect and transfer files efficiently.

1 Install SHAREit

  • Android & iOS: Download and install the SHAREit app from:
    Android QR Code
    iOS QR Code
  • PC & Mac: Download the SHAREit desktop application from our Download Page and install it.

2 Connect Devices

Mobile to PC Connection

  • Open SHAREit on both devices.
  • Tap "Connect to PC" on your mobile app.
  • Ensure both devices are connected via Wi-Fi or hotspot.
  • Select your PC's icon to connect.

PC to Mobile Connection

  • Click “Connect to Phone” on your PC.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the PC using your mobile SHAREit app.

3 Transfer Files

Sending Files from Mobile to PC

  • On your mobile, tap "Send."
  • Select files and tap "Next."
  • Choose your PC from available devices.

Receiving Files on PC

  • On your PC, accept the incoming transfer request.
  • Files will be saved to the SHAREit folder.

4 Transfer Files from PC to Mobile

Sending Files from PC

  • Drag and drop files into the SHAREit window on your PC.
  • Select your mobile device from the list.

Receiving Files on Mobile

  • Accept the transfer request on your mobile.
  • Files will be saved to the SHAREit folder on your mobile.

For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips, visit our homepage or contact our support team.

Why Use SHAREit?

SHAREit is a versatile file-sharing application that enables users to transfer files quickly and securely between devices. Whether you're sharing photos, videos, music, or documents, SHAREit ensures fast and efficient transfers without the need for internet connectivity.

Supported Platforms

SHAREit is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This cross-platform support ensures that you can share files seamlessly between different devices and operating systems.